Monday, August 24, 2009

33 Advertisers Pull Away From Fox's Glenn Beck

After Glenn Beck called President Barrack Obama a racist on national television, he promptly went on vacation.
Well, he's back today, but, thank goodness, thirty-three advertisers have decided not to go back to the Obama bashing with him.  Beck's program, which can only be described as vitrolically stupid, is as fanciful to the right as espousing upon Quentin Tarantino's supposed genius is to those film goers who see more on the screen then blood and pulp.  Hey, I like most of Quentin's stuff too, but let's be honest...after the cringing gore and comedy, what's left?  Not much.
But, I'm not hapring on Quentin because at least he doesn't pretend that he's more than an entertainer.  Beck, and his buffoonish buddy, Rush Limbaugh, do.
Well, Beck's entertainment, or supra-entertainment Fox would lead us to believe, has gotten him in trouble with no less than thirty-three advertisers.  Geez!  And the Philadelphia Eagles thought they'd lose some advertising dollars when they signed Michael Vick!
I suppose I'll have to start describing Beck's program as vilotrilically limp as opposed to vitrolically stupid.  Actually, I doubt Beck will leave the stupidity behind.  After all, he's made a killing off of it.
What's really surprising, almost inspiring actually, is that one of the advertisers who has pulled out of supporting Beck's program is Wal-Mart.  That's right.  The right winger's favorite bastion of Republican economics.
If Wal-Mart hates you, Glenn Beck, then you can be assured that everybody hates you.
Better shore up that resume, buddy.  You're going to need it.


  1. Like a car crash, there will be those that are driven to watch him just waiting to catch glimsp of the final explosion. With that, advertisers will also again start backing, not neccessarily because they agree with the dim wit, but because of the drawing it will get.

  2. Anonymous has a point.. I am guilty of watching a couple times just to see what he would say in the aftermath...

  3. I wonder how many are back out of the 33 now..

  4. You guys are terribly mislead. The 33 just shifted their advertizing bucks to other Fox offerings and the void was quickly filled by others. This resulted in more advertizing $$$ for Fox. Nobody that has commented offered any evidence that GB lies or misinforms unlike the vitriol from Oberman can be shown to be nonsense.