Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol: Kris Allen's Win Not Surprising

I had been tracking the ratings on MSNBC yesterday and, if I remember correctly, after close to 31,000 ratings, that's when I stopped looking, Kris Allen had garnered a rating of 7.55 for his performance on Tuesday night while Adam Lambert had garnered a rating of 6.83.
The percentages pretty much said that Allen was going to win.  What cost Lambert was exactly the reason the judges loved him so much from the beginning - - originality.  Lambert is unique in today's music scene and uiniqueness puts most regular watchers of American Idol off.  They prefer Barry Manilow like simplicity.  If they can't get that, then a soft spoken, handsome, shy, yet gregarious singer will do.
Kris is the sort of kid you wouldn't mind your daughter dating.  Adam?  You wouldn't want your daughter or son dating!
Hey, it's American Idol's fault.  They decided to dominate the music business.  Well, they have, by funneling boring singer/songwriters our way.

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