Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lakers vs. Nuggets? Stats Say Lakers but I like Nuggets

Every stat I've ready after Game 1 says that the Lakers, if anything, beat the Nuggets by more tonight, but I'm nto so sure about that.  The Nuggets have shown resiliency in their games during these playoffs and the type of toughness they bring to the game tonight could be huge.
If Kobe doesn't put up 40 again, the Lakers could lose by a few points in this one.  L.A. relies heavily on Bryant mentally, meaning that when their leader and star is off, they are off, and without his excellent play, they tend to give up.
I think that Billups and 'Melo for the Nuggets make a pretty awesome team.  It's gong to bet tough, but Denver looks tough.  They could steal one in L.A. tonight.

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