Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Arizona Approves Bill Allowing Guns in Bars

I really shouldn't feel the need to blog about this.  I mean, do I have to spell it out?  Does anyone have to spell it out?  The wild, wild, west that is the stat of Airzona has done it again.  Making inmates live in tents under the hot Arizona sun was bad.
But, this?  Allowing individuals to carry guns into bars?  Are you serious?  You...yes, you, 'Zona!
I hear the gun lobby saying now, "You have to get a permit in order to carry a gun!  If you go through the trouble to get the permit, why not be able to carry it into a bar?"  Right. 
Unbelievable.  The best part is that critics of the bill felt it necessary to say that they believe that "alcohol and guns are a dangerous combination."  Hmm...I hadn't thought of that one.
Guns in  That's all I can blog.  Wow.

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  1. Maybe they're looking for new material for an updated movie like Gunfight at the OK Saloon? I'll have to remember to stay out of the bars the next time I visit Arizona.