Monday, June 8, 2009

Golf - - The Addiction is Real

Yes, the addiction to golf is real.  I have no idea why, but once you try it, and get a nice, good swing going most of the time, you want to do it every day.
I'm thinking of skipping my lunch today at work to head out and hit some balls.  So, instead of putting food into myself, I want to hit balls.  Is that crazy, or what?
I think I finally get the whole purses and shoes thing to.  Most of the women I know are into shoes and purses.  What's the deal with that? 
Well, I get it know.  I keep looking on golf sites, searching for the perfect bag for my clubs.  And, I have to admit, Tiger's shot ont he 18th yesterday at The Memorial was stunning.  He looked stunning!
Sheesh...this is worse than that gummy bear predilection I had in grade school.

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