Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ricky Barnes All But Unbeatable At -11 in U.S. Open

Yes, it's still only the third round in the U.S. Open, but does anyone believe that someone will catch Ricky Barnes?  He's been phenomenal so far with grabbing an eagle already today.  Barnes is at -3 thru 4 rounds today and the way he's golfing leads me to believe that he's just not going to blow it.

Barnes should win this U.S. Open.

Where's Tiger?  That seems to be the question on everybody's lips today.  Well, he's not doing well at all with a +4 going into the 17th.  Right after hitting off the tee, Tiger dropped his club with absolute disgust.  He did pitch it in from the rough on the 17th, but he's still 14 shots off of Barnes.

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