Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran's Supreme Leaders Declares Election Not Rigged - - Bad, Bad Move!

Because the Ayatollah has declared that the elections in Iran, which have caused widespread protests throughout the country, was not rigged, I'm assuming that the Ayatollah and his hardline supporters believe that the issue is dead.
News flash - - the issue is so not dead!  In fact, it's barely begun.   This is how hard line governemnts fail by not understanding what is needed to quell the public and what is not.  Short of running over their citizenry ala China, Iran's hard line leaders are in a heap of trouble.
Since the President pretty much had no power to begin with, why not give the electiont to the folks the citizens wanted?  One puppet replacing another means nothing, right?  Instead, they're trying to asser their power.
Bad move, Ayatollah.  Bad, bad move.

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