Friday, June 19, 2009

Tiger Bombs - - Needs a Big Round 2

At +4, and with so many golfers doing so well so far in the 1st round of the U.S. Open, El Tigre is going to really need to step it up in Round 2 or else he might be in danger of not making the cut.
It would be a huge disappointment to Tiger fans if the greatest golfer in the world, after shooting so well in the final round of The Memorial Tournament just a couple of weeks ago, failed to even get to the third round of the Open.
Tiger supposedly knows Bethpage Black in and out after having won on the course in 2002 and then studying the course relentlessly the past couple of weeks.
One thing to note is that so far, after 10 holes, Phil Mickelson is hanging in their at -1.  He's chasing a few guys at -4, but Phil should, if things go well, be playing for the title come Sunday.  Let's hope that after everything he and his family has gone through, Mickelson keeps it going! 

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