Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stephen Strasburg Set to Go #1 in MLB Draft

Stephen Strasburg has a 100 mile per hour fastball.  That's enough for some baseball scouts to call him the greatest prospect in...well, forever.  He figures to go number one to the Washington Nationals in today's MLB draft.
But in reality, Strasburg, like every player drafted number one in the history of the MLB draft, will have to work his way to the "bigs".  Often times, no matter how fantastic a player may look, he just doesn't have the mentality to play in "The Show" where the pressure is much different than either in college or in AAA ball.
So, I'm nto ready to anoint Strasburg as anything other than a really good looking prospect right now. 
A bigger worry is if the Nationals fold under Strasburg's demand and come close to the 50 million contract he supposedly is seeking.  A draft pick in baseball if much different than a draft pick in basketball or football.  The pot holes on the way to stardom in professional baseball are much bigger and, therefore, much easier to fall into.
Hopefully, the Nationals will do the right thing and offer something a bit more akin to a player, like Strasburg is, making his way up the ladder.

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