Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Speeches Some of the Best Ever

First, Barrack Obama delivered a sterling speech in Egypt about, among other things, relations between Muslims and the rest of the religious world.  Now, just today, Obama gives another fantastic speech.
This time, in Caen, France, Obama gve a speech to commemorate D-Day.  How was it?  As brilliant as the speech in Egypt.
What Barrack Obama has so far shown as President of the United States, is that there is still some hope in this world.  That was his goal, right?  during the election?  The idea that hope could carry the day?
Well, contrary to some from the right, hope so far has carried the day.
I can only hope that when later generations, studying this time period, ask me about what Mr. Obama was like, I can say, "He was as great of a president as this nation has ever had."  And, that, "You had to be there to really understand."

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